Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot – Blu Ray + DVD Limited Collector’s Edition – Now Available!!

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot, is the second Command Cinema release now on Blu Ray. Its been restored from the negative in 4k and presented in HD on Blu Ray for the first time ever on home video. The film is also available in a DVD version as well, which comes with every package. The package is fully loaded with limited collectible material and has excellent value. And similar to our previous release of Scoundrels on Blu Ray, this Foxtrot package is also rich in ephemera from the golden age. Inside the gorgeous and limited slip case, the Blu ray and DVD are nestled within a cluster of paper material. Two unique and double sided collectible postcards, two customized reversible bookmarks, a mini replica press book, 4×6 custom magnet, and an original $20 Foxtrot collectible from the Command vault. 

Available at www.commandcinema.com

Command Cinema Corporation – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard – Foxtrot, Fantasex and Firestorm

Command Cinema Corporation – Title Announcement – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard 


Next Blu Ray+DVD Combo Pack (LIMITED EDITION) – Cecil Howard’s Firestorm- Official Release Date is March 6, 2018. Pre- Orders will go live Feb 21, 2018. 4k Scan, Disc Packaging is beautifully designed with reversible box art and collectible O card, plus bonus inserts and book mark.

PLUS>>The first 500+ orders will all include an original collectible from the Command Cinema Archives, an original FOXTROT $20 DOLLAR BILL INSERT, %100 Original and %100 RARE.
Get a piece of Command History!

To Follow This Year: Cecil Howard’s Fantasex and Firestorm.