Cecil Howard’s Fantasex : Details and Pre-order Information

Fantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Cecil Howard’s Fantasex – Final Details and Pre-Order DateFantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Final details for the release of Cecil Howard’s Fantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack Collector’s Edition

•4k Scan and Restoration from negative 

•Director Commentary with Roberta Findlay and Film Historian Casey Scott

•Exclusive Video Interview with Lead Actor Jeffrey Hurst

•Audio Interview with Actress Jennifer Jordan 

•Fantasex Original Theatrical Trailer

•Screen to Script Featurette

•Restoration Comparison

•Slideshow and Image Gallery

•Reversible Artwork

•Slipcase with artwork by Earl Kess Jr.

•Collectible Fantasex Magnet and Bookmark and More!


Jeffrey Hurst Interview
Video Interview with Lead Actor Jeffrey Hurst
Roberta Findlay Commentary
Fantasex Commentary with Director Roberta Findlay and Film Historian Casey Scott













The package will be available for Pre-Order next week on Thursday Feb 28, 2019 exclusively at www.commandcinema.com.

Just like the 2 previous releases of Scoundrels and Foxtrot, Fantasex will be a limited collector’s edition of 1500 Units.

Shipping Date estimated March 28, 2019. As usual, all orders are shipped using either USPS First Class, Priority and International First Class. Preorders are shipped first.

Below are a few assorted screen grabs from the brand new restoration.

Cecil Howard's Fantasex



Cecil Howard's Fantasex Cecil Howard's Fantasex

Cecil Howard's FantasexCecil Howard's Fantasex

Fantasex Rialto Theater, NYC
Cecil Howard’s Fantasex – Rialto Theater, NYC

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot – Blu Ray + DVD Limited Collector’s Edition – Now Available!!

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot, is the second Command Cinema release now on Blu Ray. Its been restored from the negative in 4k and presented in HD on Blu Ray for the first time ever on home video. The film is also available in a DVD version as well, which comes with every package. The package is fully loaded with limited collectible material and has excellent value. And similar to our previous release of Scoundrels on Blu Ray, this Foxtrot package is also rich in ephemera from the golden age. Inside the gorgeous and limited slip case, the Blu ray and DVD are nestled within a cluster of paper material. Two unique and double sided collectible postcards, two customized reversible bookmarks, a mini replica press book, 4×6 custom magnet, and an original $20 Foxtrot collectible from the Command vault. 

Available at www.commandcinema.com

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack – Final Updates!!

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack – Final Updates, Pre- Orders and More!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful support of Command Cinema’s second Blu Ray Pre order period. The strong surge of sales throughout this period has been satisfying and of course essential. We are very excited to of wrapped this project and its another very pretty restoration and the film has never looked this good, at least on any home video format. The other restorations of Firestorm and Fantasex which were announced earlier in the year, are already under way and they will be the next 2 Blu Ray releases.

First and most important update is the pre-sales and shipping. There is a slight delay due to the 4 major snowstorms we have had over the past 2 weeks and a technical issue with studio equipment, which had us down a few days. The print assets, packaging and extras, Blu cases are all in house and ready and we are simply waiting for the Blu Ray disc and DVD from Taiwan, so we can assemble the packages by hand, and proceed to ship. We were going to announce the delay last week, but we wanted to see how much we can get caught up, before we have an exact date. It looks like we are shooting to have the pre -orders all shipped by April 16, if sooner we will announce immediately.

While we have hundreds of pre-sales, we are usually able to fill and ship them within 24-48 hours. Please understand that all orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received. Regardless of within the US or International, all pre sale orders will be shipped first.

***Please remember that this is a limited blu ray run and once the print material is all sold, they are gone. There is a possibility that there may be secondary runs of the disc, but no guarantee that all or any supplemental materials are will be included or available.


The final details of the Blu Ray Package:

Foxtrot 4k scan and restoration, Original Theatrical trailer restored in HD, Bonus Archival video footage from the vaults – ‘Foxtrot at the Pussycat’ and ‘Screening Room Footage’, slideshow/image gallery, and audio interview with actor Alan Adrian and adult film historian Casey Scott.

Packaging includes Reversible Blu Ray Wrap, custom collectible O card, double sided bookmark, double sided post card, 4×6 limited magnet, replica mini press book, and original Foxtrot $20 collectible.

CATALOG # 03003



Everything will be shipped in padded envelopes and plain packaging as usual.

Any questions on orders: sales@commandcinema.com

Also – you can post to the cecilhoward FB page : https://www.facebook.com/cecilvision/


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Command Cinema Corporation – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard – Foxtrot, Fantasex and Firestorm

Command Cinema Corporation – Title Announcement – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard 


Next Blu Ray+DVD Combo Pack (LIMITED EDITION) – Cecil Howard’s Firestorm- Official Release Date is March 6, 2018. Pre- Orders will go live Feb 21, 2018. 4k Scan, Disc Packaging is beautifully designed with reversible box art and collectible O card, plus bonus inserts and book mark.

PLUS>>The first 500+ orders will all include an original collectible from the Command Cinema Archives, an original FOXTROT $20 DOLLAR BILL INSERT, %100 Original and %100 RARE.
Get a piece of Command History!

To Follow This Year: Cecil Howard’s Fantasex and Firestorm.

CECIL HOWARD’S SCOUNDRELS – Blu Ray/DVD Combo Pack – Pre Orders Shipping!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken advantage of the pre-order period which is still live for another week.

The final packages look really nice, its unique and pretty to look at. And the brand new HD Version of Scoundrels is so crisp and clean.

Scoundrels – Brand New Limited Blu Ray/Combo Pack

For everyone who placed a pre-order for the Scoundrels Blu Ray Combo Pack or the DVD, your orders will be the first to ship, beginning tomorrow, Aug 24. As an extra bonus for all of the wonderful fans who have stepped up to support this release on Blu Ray, we have created an 2 exclusive and limited Scoundrels Magnets, illustrating newcomer and the Rainbow Girl herself, Ariel Lee as well as iconic lead actor Ron Jeremy. Both great collectibles and piece of art that will be included in each order.

Since the magnets were late additions, we are going to extend the offer to anyone orders placed before Sept 1. So now is the time to get your bonus magnets! Order now.

Once the pre-orders have shipped we will begin to take wholesale orders as well as expand the release to some fine online retailers, like Diabolik, Amazon and others.

*For anyone who receives screeners or who is expecting a contributor copy, they will begin to ship this week as well. If you had paid, your money will be refunded upon the shipping of your complimentary copy.

Some general information for all Pre-orders:

– All Orders will begin to ship Aug 24, 2017 and continue until completed

– Orders are all shipped via USPS – First Class and or First Class International (Tracking is sent via email with order completion, so customers can track orders)

– All Blu Ray/DVD’s are shipped in padded envelopes or corrugated boxes, discreet and packed with care

– Anyone who may have any issues with their order can email us at sales@commandcinema.com or message us on FB- we will always work with all our customers to resolve any issues with lost/damaged orders


Upcoming Audio Interview:

Also, please keep your ears open for our upcoming audio interview with Command Cinema Corporation’s, Brad Winters, who will shed some light on the importance of this release and some other general information about Command Cinema and Cecil Howard. The interview will go live on CommandCinema.com, and we will post all the details ASAP.


Here are the details for the release:

Scoundrels Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack ( Blu Ray 25GB +DVD-9)

-Main Feature 4k scan and restoration

-Feature Length Director Commentary with Cecil Howard and Steven Morowitz

-Bonus Audio Podcast Interview with Cecil Howard

-Original Theatrical Trailer – restored in HD

-HD Interview with Legendary Actor, Ron Jeremy “Tales of the Hedeghog”

-Select Scene commentary with lead actor, Ron Jeremy

-Restoration Featurete – mini short

-Slideshow and Image Gallery – never before seen from the Command vault

Bonus materials : Reverse Collectible Insert Card, Reversible bookmark

BLU RAY Tech Specs: 1080p • 16X9 • 1.85:1 • DTS-HD ENG 2.0 • 84 MINUTES • REGION FREE



Scoundrels Blu Ray + DVD Collector’s Edition

Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels comes to Blu Ray and DVD


Cecil Howard’s award winning Scoundrels comes to Blu Ray and DVD- summer July 2017.

First and foremost, I just want to say “Hello”, to everyone out there. Its been a long and hard year for Distribpix Inc. and we are still adjusting to many new changes and lots of news on that front is coming in the near future. There are obviously hundreds of films in the archive that we look forward to digitizing and are sorting hard on plans to make sure this can happen.

In the meantime, I am more than excited about the upcoming release of Cecil Howard’s, Scoundrels. Not only has the film been completely restored from the original negative materials, but the package is loaded with supplemental bonus material that helps to shed light on the historical context of the film as well as the importance of continuing restorations.

Here are the complete details of the upcoming release of Scoundrels, which will be up for Pre-Order next week on the 18th of July. The film will be available in both a Blu Ray +DVD Combo pack and also a standalone DVD version. Both packages are limited to 1000 each. We have already been inundated with inquiries about the release and for now it seems that demand is solid, but we really need to get the word out there. In the beginning, the film will only be available through www.commandcinema.com but after the pre-orders begin to ship, the packages will begin to show up on other retail sites as well as be available to wholesale.

Scoundrels Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack ( Blu Ray 25GB +DVD-9)

-Main Feature 4k scan and restoration
-Feature Length Director Commentary with Cecil Howard and Steven Morowitz
-Bonus Audio Podcast Interview with Cecil Howard
-Original Theatrical Trailer – restored in HD
-HD Interview with Legendary Actor, Ron Jeremy “Tales of the Hedeghog”
-Select Scene commentary with lead actor, Ron Jeremy
-Restoration Featurete – mini short
-Slideshow and Image Gallery – never before seen from the Command vault

BLU RAY Tech Specs: 1080p • 16X9 • 1.85:1 • DTS-HD ENG 2.0 • 84 MINUTES • REGION FREE



Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels (1982) – A Review by Dries Vermeulen

The first of the intimistic explorations of male menopausal angst director “Cecil” Howard and his regular screenwriter Anne Randall collaborated upon, thematically followed by Snake Eyes, Dangerous Stuff and Star Angel. Its comparatively minimalist approach, favoring the thespian prowess of performers too often relegated to mere horizontal duties, made for a jarring change from the lavish all star episodic epics like Platinum Paradise and Foxtrot on which he had built his fame. Such expensive endeavors were rapidly becoming a thing of the past with the increasing affordability of home video systems leading to the demise of the porno picture palaces of yore as sex was once again scaled down to bedroom proportions. While this inevitable evolution forced many fine fornication filmmakers to compromise their artistic vision due to budgetary constraints, Howard held out longer than most, helped no doubt by the fact that he was also his own producer and sole VHS distributor (on US soil at least), with his company Command Video adopting a stringent pricing strategy, with the quality to back it up, as rival entrepreneurs quickly dropped their product to cut-rate “catalog prices”. As such, he could maintain his high standards well into the video age, acquiring the rights to a string of glossy Euro epics when homegrown hardcore no longer proved a viable option. Regrettably, as of this writing, Howard’s awesome back catalogue remains frustratingly unavailable on DVD apart from a few admittedly state of the art if long out of print by now double disc editions of Neon Nights and Babylon Pink (which he produced though directed by Ron Sullivan) from Media Blasters. Somebody somewhere should set up a conference call between this industry icon (still very much alive and kicking, praise the Lord !) and…er…gee, I don’t know, Distribpix perhaps ???

Already sensing the approaching end of an era, Scoundrels showed the way Howard was to follow during his creative twilight years, replacing the spectacular production values with psychological insight hitherto largely left unexplored in popular pornography. The ubiquitous Ron Jeremy was cast against type and, as a result perhaps, never better in the role of a wealthy psychiatrist named Simon whose life disintegrates through seemingly involuntary duplicity of his nearest and dearest. His wife Linda (a career best performance from Lisa Be, all too rarely required to act) is having a heated affair with her husband’s best friend Harper (George Payne test-driving the sleazy persona that was to become his bread and butter during his “roughie” stage over at Avon), almost acting out an obsession she has had with him ever since they were all together at college. His daughter Francie (an appealingly brittle Tigr) pretends to cram for upcoming exams but partakes in Mary Jane induced intimacies instead with fellow students Marissa Constantine (from Roger Watkins’s mesmerizing Corruption) and Sean Elliot, who was in Lenny “Gucci” Kirtman’s highly active Coed Teasers. The latter, her boyfriend of sorts, also turns out to be Harper’s nephew which seems like reason enough for the deeply dissatisfied Linda to welcome him into their increasingly dysfunctional family in her own special way.


Maintaining professional distance with loved ones as well as patients, Simon’s incredibly slow to pick up on any of this or he may be deliberately blocking it all out in order to preserve a surface calm existence. Photographer Bob “Bolla” Kerman confesses his illicit attraction to teen model Tiffany Clark, who does a credible job acting coy rather than seeming mentally deficient, and put upon trophy wife Anna Turner (excellent as Aaron Stuart’s slutty spouse in Sam Weston’s The Dancers) tries to get back at philandering husband Ron Hudd by making it with his mistress and secretary Sharon Mitchell in two choice sex scenes highlighting Howard’s knack for establishing erotic atmosphere through build-up and detail. Pining away for her boss, receptionist Copper Penny (one of Bill Milling’s original All American Girls and a Kirtman mainstay) attempts to assuage her frustration by turning to the ever ready Harper while Simon seeks release between sessions at a health club doubling as a whorehouse with nubile Tammy Lamb, a sequence the director would recycle as flashback footage for Star Angel. Catching on to dad’s double standards, Francie makes a surprise appearance at the brothel, giving a merry send-off to small town marine David Ambrose (actress Tish’s husband) on the eve of his tour of duty. As Simon’s dearly held illusions come crumbling down, he turns to the pretty young thing he’s always buying smokes from and fantasizing about (heavily hyped one shot Ariel Lee in discreetly unclad but basically non-sex capacity) for his last shot at redemption.


After the allegorical abstraction of Neon Nights, Winters and Wolff would become increasingly accused of high-minded pretentiousness by a porn press keen on preserving the genre’s blue collar status quo. Fueling the fire, they have adopted a faux Bergman attitude for Scoundrels with middle class ennui generating unfulfilling extra-marital excursions, commented upon by a makeshift Greek chorus of the central characters in clown white face and French mime outfits ! While such touches might seem easy to ridicule, Howard makes it abundantly if not smugly clear that he’s always at least two steps ahead of his audience, holding up a fun house mirror to reflect our own anxieties and insecurities. And just because this movie signaled the minimalist latter day stage of its director’s career doesn’t mean that it would short-change on the professional proficiency that had become his stock in trade. Later to find his niche in straight to video actioners, including a brief stint in the director’s chair, Steve Kaman a/k/a “Sven Nuvo” contributes ingenious and intricately lit compositions as a clear result of training under camera genius Larry Revene for whom he shot Wanda Whips Wall Street, still his ace achievement to date. Very much a thinking man’s porn, not as much of an oxymoron as one might imagine, the relentlessly downbeat tone right up to its cruelly ironic final twist make Scoundrels something of a challenge, rewarding only those willing to contemplate the more unpleasant metaphysical questions of human existence.

Directed by Cecil Howard. Written by Anne Randall. Produced by Howard and Wolf for Command Cinema Corporation. Photographed by Steve Kaman (as Sven Nuvo). Music by Peter Lewis and Dave Ogrin. Edited by Oslak Vabo. Starring Ron Jeremy (Simon), Lisa Be (Linda), Tigr (Francie), George Payne (Harper), Tiffany Clark, Robert Kerman (as R. Bolla), Sharon Mitchell, Copper Penny, Tammy Lamb, Anna Turner, Ron Hudd, Marissa Constantine, David Ambrose, Sean Elliot, Tess Mayo and Ariel Lee. Running time : 81 minutes.