Command Cinema Corporation – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard – Foxtrot, Fantasex and Firestorm

Command Cinema Corporation – Title Announcement – The Three F’s by Cecil Howard 


Next Blu Ray+DVD Combo Pack (LIMITED EDITION) – Cecil Howard’s Firestorm- Official Release Date is March 6, 2018. Pre- Orders will go live Feb 21, 2018. 4k Scan, Disc Packaging is beautifully designed with reversible box art and collectible O card, plus bonus inserts and book mark.

PLUS>>The first 500+ orders will all include an original collectible from the Command Cinema Archives, an original FOXTROT $20 DOLLAR BILL INSERT, %100 Original and %100 RARE.
Get a piece of Command History!

To Follow This Year: Cecil Howard’s Fantasex and Firestorm.

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