Cecil Howard’s Fantasex : Details and Pre-order Information

Fantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Cecil Howard’s Fantasex – Final Details and Pre-Order DateFantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Final details for the release of Cecil Howard’s Fantasex Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack Collector’s Edition

•4k Scan and Restoration from negative 

•Director Commentary with Roberta Findlay and Film Historian Casey Scott

•Exclusive Video Interview with Lead Actor Jeffrey Hurst

•Audio Interview with Actress Jennifer Jordan 

•Fantasex Original Theatrical Trailer

•Screen to Script Featurette

•Restoration Comparison

•Slideshow and Image Gallery

•Reversible Artwork

•Slipcase with artwork by Earl Kess Jr.

•Collectible Fantasex Magnet and Bookmark and More!


Jeffrey Hurst Interview
Video Interview with Lead Actor Jeffrey Hurst
Roberta Findlay Commentary
Fantasex Commentary with Director Roberta Findlay and Film Historian Casey Scott













The package will be available for Pre-Order next week on Thursday Feb 28, 2019 exclusively at www.commandcinema.com.

Just like the 2 previous releases of Scoundrels and Foxtrot, Fantasex will be a limited collector’s edition of 1500 Units.

Shipping Date estimated March 28, 2019. As usual, all orders are shipped using either USPS First Class, Priority and International First Class. Preorders are shipped first.

Below are a few assorted screen grabs from the brand new restoration.

Cecil Howard's Fantasex



Cecil Howard's Fantasex Cecil Howard's Fantasex

Cecil Howard's FantasexCecil Howard's Fantasex

Fantasex Rialto Theater, NYC
Cecil Howard’s Fantasex – Rialto Theater, NYC

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot – Blu Ray + DVD Limited Collector’s Edition – Now Available!!

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot, is the second Command Cinema release now on Blu Ray. Its been restored from the negative in 4k and presented in HD on Blu Ray for the first time ever on home video. The film is also available in a DVD version as well, which comes with every package. The package is fully loaded with limited collectible material and has excellent value. And similar to our previous release of Scoundrels on Blu Ray, this Foxtrot package is also rich in ephemera from the golden age. Inside the gorgeous and limited slip case, the Blu ray and DVD are nestled within a cluster of paper material. Two unique and double sided collectible postcards, two customized reversible bookmarks, a mini replica press book, 4×6 custom magnet, and an original $20 Foxtrot collectible from the Command vault. 

Available at www.commandcinema.com

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack – Final Updates!!

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack – Final Updates, Pre- Orders and More!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful support of Command Cinema’s second Blu Ray Pre order period. The strong surge of sales throughout this period has been satisfying and of course essential. We are very excited to of wrapped this project and its another very pretty restoration and the film has never looked this good, at least on any home video format. The other restorations of Firestorm and Fantasex which were announced earlier in the year, are already under way and they will be the next 2 Blu Ray releases.

First and most important update is the pre-sales and shipping. There is a slight delay due to the 4 major snowstorms we have had over the past 2 weeks and a technical issue with studio equipment, which had us down a few days. The print assets, packaging and extras, Blu cases are all in house and ready and we are simply waiting for the Blu Ray disc and DVD from Taiwan, so we can assemble the packages by hand, and proceed to ship. We were going to announce the delay last week, but we wanted to see how much we can get caught up, before we have an exact date. It looks like we are shooting to have the pre -orders all shipped by April 16, if sooner we will announce immediately.

While we have hundreds of pre-sales, we are usually able to fill and ship them within 24-48 hours. Please understand that all orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received. Regardless of within the US or International, all pre sale orders will be shipped first.

***Please remember that this is a limited blu ray run and once the print material is all sold, they are gone. There is a possibility that there may be secondary runs of the disc, but no guarantee that all or any supplemental materials are will be included or available.


The final details of the Blu Ray Package:

Foxtrot 4k scan and restoration, Original Theatrical trailer restored in HD, Bonus Archival video footage from the vaults – ‘Foxtrot at the Pussycat’ and ‘Screening Room Footage’, slideshow/image gallery, and audio interview with actor Alan Adrian and adult film historian Casey Scott.

Packaging includes Reversible Blu Ray Wrap, custom collectible O card, double sided bookmark, double sided post card, 4×6 limited magnet, replica mini press book, and original Foxtrot $20 collectible.

CATALOG # 03003



Everything will be shipped in padded envelopes and plain packaging as usual.

Any questions on orders: sales@commandcinema.com

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