A special treat for every genre film fan, an exclusive interview with Legendary director Cecil Howard, of Command Cinema Corporation

With the brand new release of the Scoundrels Blu Ray on the horizon, we feel that its more imperative now than ever, to begin to introduce the fans of classic adult cinema to a name that should be extremely common, that name is COMMAND!! Cecil Howard’s Command Cinema Corporation is easily responsible for producing some of the most classic and well made erotica from the Golden age of porn. Some of his films are still among the most popular of all time and as new fans are being introduced to this archive, the demand to see his prior films restored is increasing.

When Distribpix Inc and Command Cinema came together to begin to restore the films of Command, Cecil made it quite clear that he demanded perfection, after all, the name of his company was COMMAND Cinema, and he Demanded and Commanded. With this is mind, everything on the Scoundrels project was handled with the utmost care, from the 4k scan, to the color correction and restoration to the commentary and extras. Cecil was always insistent on things being as perfect as they could, similar to some of the others great directors I have worked with such as Radley Metzger, whose films also carved out a permanent place in the annuls of erotic cinema.

From the time I began to work with Cecil, from signing our contract, to first retrieving the film negatives from the Command Archive, to the director commentary, to the artwork and packaging, he and I worked together and he was very hands on in this entire undertaking. His skills as an artist, director and businessman literally took my be surprise, and it was such an honor to have gotten to become close with him. While the actual restoration took longer than we initially thought, we also ran into a few speed bumps, which slowed things down a bit. We also decided to build a home base for all things Command and Cecil Howard, to celebrate the legacy and films of Cecil Howard at www.commandcinema.com.

Now in late Dec 2016, Cecil had passed away, which was surprising to many of us, as it was just last summer that Cecil was taking BASEBALL practice swings and he was generally in good spirits and he got around quite well. I had spent several occasions with him and his lovely wife at their home and never once did I expect this to happen before this release. Since Cecil is no longer with us, we feel that it would be ideal to give the world a chance to get to know Cecil Howard a bit.

Cecil Howard was gracious enough to allow me into his home shortly after we singed our contract to restore Scoundrels, and record a wonderful audio interview of generalized questions, in hopes of getting some great answers and that’s exactly what I got. We touched on many things, from his childhood and upbringing, his artistic background, his entree into the world of directing films, stories of his cohorts in the biz, and other great memories from the days of the Deuce!!

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Enjoy the interview!!