Learn more about Cecil Howard & Command Cinema

Cecil Howard’s, Command Cinema Corporation, was arguably one of the most successful and prolific production houses through the 1970’s and 80’s. A well established artist and businessman, Cecil Howard not only had the drive, but the artistic vision to elevate his films to a higher level. With high production values, skillful cinematography,well- written scripts, and brilliant editing, the films of Command Video represent the apex of classic erotica. The films of Command were incredibly successful, in both a commercial sense, and from a creative standpoint and Cecil Howard’s films would often play for months on end throughout the cinemas of Times Square and across the US. With countless awards and thousands of fans around the globe, Cecil Howard’s, Command Video has realized the importance of keeping the films and legacy alive forever. Please join us on a tribute and adventure through one of the greatest film legacies from the golden age of erotic filmmaking-COMMAND VIDEO!